Guestline partners with RateGain

Guestline Partners with RateGain-Superior Pricing and Revenue Optimization Technology

RateGain, the leading global hospitality and travel technology company, today announced its new strategic partnership with Guestline. As a result, users of Guestline Rezlynx PMS will be able to access a channel management service that provides them with additional onward connections to a number of channels. Founded in 2004 and with over 12,000 clients, RateGain…

The future of hotel revenue management - humans or Bots?

The Future of Hotel Revenue Management – BOTs or Humans?

The Hotel Revenue management role is continuously evolving, getting more comprehensive with time, they delve down into various key functions, wearing multiple hats. However, as technology continues to make a deeper impact in our lives, lending a complete makeover to the industry, the question arises whether revenue managers would continue to play the leading role that they do now?

RateGain Partners with Smile Pms Vietnam

RateGain Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Smile PMS Co. Ltd

Vietnam, April 2017 – RateGain, a leader in Revenue Management Solutions and Smile PMS Co. Ltd, a renowned Vietnamese leader in Property Management Solution for Hotels and Resorts are delighted to announce their strategic partnership. RateGain’s Online Channel Manager is now integrated with Smile’s Property Management Solution. Both the companies have joined hands to provide…